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Räume Das System ermöglicht die Einrichtung verschiedener Räume, die zur weiteren Klassifizierung des Zeitplans verwendet werden können. Jeder Raum kann angepasst werden und ermöglicht es dem Eigentümer: Aktivieren / Deaktivieren Ändern des Namens Fügen Sie eine Beschreibung Festlegen einer Farbe Als Suchfilter aktivieren Tracks Das System ermöglicht die Einrichtung verschiedener Tracks, die zur weiteren Klassifizierung […]

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Resource Management

Rooms The system allows the set up of different rooms which can be used to further classify the schedule location. Every room can be customized and allows the owner to: Activate / Deactivate Change the name Add a description Set a color Enable it as search filter Tracks The system allows the set up of […]

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Trial Sessions / Registration on your own website

The integration of Box-planner into your own website for trial trainings or other appointments is easy and also possible for different languages. Setup / Preparation In the system it is necessary to activate the type of hour (track) for external integration. This is done via the “Public” switch. After the switch is activated, the link […]

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Probetraining / Anmeldung auf der eigenen Webseite

Die Integration von Box-planner in die eigene Webseite für Probetrainings oder andere Termine ist einfach und auch für verschiedene Sprachen möglich. Setup / Vorbereitung Im System ist es nötig die Art der Stunde (Track) für die externe Integration freizuschalten. Dies geschieht über den Schalter “Public”. Nachdem der Schalter aktiviert wurde erscheint der Link für die […]

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Copy & Paste Wods or Description?

Ever wanted to quickly add a workout or have a more detailed structured description? Now You can! The latest update enables you add a more detailed multi line “Postfix” on any exercise. With the “Custom” Exercise you can simply add any text in the Postfix field with line breaks and it will be presented the […]

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SEPA Handling

With today’s release we are introducing the first version of SEPA handling within boxplanner. Box Owners can now define predefined values which will be used for member SEPA mandates and in the next step for full or semi automatic payments. Within the Box Settings a new Tab is available to Set up predefined values for […]

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New Subscription Pricing

Continuous Development and Support of the Platform is our goal and this is only possible with a viable business model. With today’s release we are changing the limits for the free usage of box-planner. Gym’s and Boxes who want to use the Basic Version will have to subscribe to the Basic Service within the Box […]

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Final results are in for the CrossFit Games Open 2015

The The CrossFit Games Open is history and the results are in. We are pleased to announce the following winners: Women RxD: 1st – Lisa Lettner – 8 Points – Crossfit Innsbruck 2nd – Sarah Tuertscher – 18 Points – Crossfit Innsbruck 3rd – Ann-Kathrin Kalski – 21 Points – Men RxD: 1st – Maximilian […]

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Current Standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.4

Here are the current standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.4. These are the standings for single WOD 15.4, not the overall standings ! Score submission for all Open Wods is still open until Sunday, 5th April. On Monday 6th we will do the final score rating over all workouts and announce the winners ! On the […]

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Current Standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.3

Here are the current standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.3. These are the standings for single WOD 15.3, not the overall standings ! The overall standing will be announced after all scores are in the system. On the side of the men a new player appeared in the competition: Maximilian Henze from CrossFit SG (Hannover, […]

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